experimental theater 

ideation and direction – Margarita Egorova

multimedia designer – Luca Moroni

with the participation of Olga Samokhotova


Dante Alighieri, poet.
In 1302 exiled to life from Florence as belonging to the faction of white Guelphs, hostile to the Pope.

Josef Brodsky, poet.
In 1972 deprived of Soviet citizenship and forced to immigrate, without permission to return.

Addante performative study connects these two figures, divided by more than six centuries of history, to explore a new scenic space: the condition we call “exile”, not being in a place, not being anywhere. The actress’s body moves in the dark, illuminated by the interactive projection that follows every her movement and reacts to the sound of her voice, thus generating a virtual space, where the true protagonist becomes the poetic word, symbol of man, of freedom, of the single.

        Accademia del gioco dimenticato, Fabbrica del Vapore, 2015, Milan, IT