web project

Thirty years after the nuclear disaster, Chernobyl has be- come a destination for tourists. #itsnot4ernobyl is an Instagram profile, created specifically to document the artist journey through the radiation invisible danger. Ruins, meadows and radioactive forests, brief captions on the current radiation situation in Ukraine. Each post is precisely located: Kiev, Ukrainka, Prityat, Chernobyl, Duga.

To make this report, the artist has never left Milan, photo- graphing lawns and abandoned buildings, without applying any type of postproduction, beyond the b/w filter, the classic reportage figure. The profile is still active, appreciated by the Pripiat guides, who continue to make proposals for collaboration, and other tourists who have effectively sprung the tour.

The project aims to reflect on the photographic reality paradigm and on the fallacy of the social media, which connect millions of people every day, without offering any guarantee of the information truthfulness.

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