Visita alla mamma

Mise en lecture
CTB – centro teatrale bresciano
Teatro Sociale, Brescia, IT
Teatro aperto 
Curated by Elisabetta Pozzi e Marco Archetti

Writted and directed by da Margarita Egorova

With Giulia Pizzimenti, Anna Scola, Alberto Onofrietti, Gian Marco Pellecchia and Silvia Quarantini

“Russia, 2000s. Family picnic at the cemetery. Dalia, a writer who has lived in France for 20 years, and her sister Yelena, with her husband Viktor and cousin Alexey, meet in the tall grass by their mother’s grave. They talk, they reunite, they come to terms: Dalia with a youth of fantasies about life away from Russia; Yelena with the impossibility of forgetting the burden of family expectations; Alexey, alcoholic and depressed, with a future as an engineer abandoned for having “dirty hands” like his father; Viktor, a small-time black market mafioso, with his efforts to hold the family together during the years of post-communist Russia.

Drama of those who go and those who stay, blessing and curse of the family, Visita alla mamma (Visit to Mom) moves between comic, tragic and bitter certainties: because the years pass, “parades pass and only the echo of songs remains.””

Marco Archetti