single act for two robotic voices
’25 min
lang: italian


Légø wants to investigate the complex binomial man/machine through the word and its significance. Two audio speakers in one space. Two synthetic voices, one male and one female, speak at the same time. The two recordings run parallel, like two tracks, without ever crossing each other. They struggle to have a dialogue, a meaningful sentence, a question and an answer. Theirs is a point to point battle, a struggle to be heard from one another, to become credible, to become human. To make them human is just the word. Its meaning gives back a sence to a mechanical consumption of signifiers. The word give back the dignity to the human voice, violated and distorted by mechanical reproduction.

Sound: Antonio J. De Bonis, Federico Moschetti

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Photo courtesy by Attilio Marasco

                         Installation view, former church of S. Maddalena, 2014, Pesaro, IT
                                                               Installation view, Atelier Giorgi, 2014, Turin, IT
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