Angela B.

mixed media, print on allubidond

110 x 85 cm

These 12 pink squares are the enlargement of the image of a young woman killed by machetes in the Mandacaru district of Joao Pessoa, Brazil, September 12, 2012. Each pixel corresponds to a different pink tone of the palette: Thulian, Brick, Flamingo, Salmon, Lemonade, Watermelon, Amaranth, Baby Pink, Carnation, Blossom.

The color codes have been retained, while the names have been replaced with words that reveal the true content of the image.
It was not possible to trace the victim’s identity. Angela B. is a invented name that wants to restore dignity to an anonymous face taken from the web.

Angela B. wants to reflect on the conflict between the morbidity of media pornography and the need for a new look able to penetrate the image innocence.

Luna Rosa private collection – Crotone, IT

Installation view, XXV! ORA, San Cristoforo, Milan, IT