theatrical short, 2021
from Abbecedario per il mondo nuovo Produced by Piccolo Teatro, Milano, IT


with partecipation of Alfonso De Vreese, Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli, Lorenzo Frediani, Leda Kreider, Petra Valentini, Marco Mavaracchio, Anna Manella and Francesca Osso
directed by Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli and Alessandro Ferroni

During the lockdown I was contacted by the Piccolo Teatro di Milano to participate in a remote theater project.

26 playwrights, 26 alphabet letters, one letter each, distributed at random. Each letter had to represent a word-talisman to send to the new world, presumably the one after Covid. 26 theatrical shorts maked in podcast format.

The letter P happened to me, a good letter. Lot of cool words start with P.




I choosed Pnìgos.

Pnìgos, suffocation, is the final part of comedy interlude, when the coryphaeus faces the audience bare-faced, without mask, to defend the author’s political ideas: is a statement.

To talk about a new world, it seemed important to me to talk about the new man, the result of his time and the technologies he has produced. Smartphone, laptop, Internet: the pandemic has made them basic necessities, pressing the accelerator on the already underway dynamics, such as the change in our way of communication, of perception of reality, the forced analog-digital conversion, where only the translatability of the matter into numbers can predestinate its survival.

Pnìgos wants to address the issue of the Blackout challenge phenomenon, the abuse of social media by minors and the progressive digitization of the human experience in a broader sense, through the eyes of the most defenseless, children.